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Flying Scotsman Update 3

Here are a few of those moments when we catch people off guard.

We see our bakery chef, Gil, taking a much earned rest.

When asked how she copes with all the baking, she responded "Oh, it's a piece of cake!"

We are still selling Gil's cakes at the Autumn Gala.

In the centre are Station Master, Alan Bines and his wife Maggie with Rita and Mike, caption : "We are really busy!"

The other caption could be "Quick, it is not raining".

and here is our other Station Master, Bob Preston, just before the visit with the caption : "So this is retirement!"

This is the only moment we have seen Bob sitting all week.

What are these three cooking up? (Maggie, Jen and Gil)

Answer : Bacon for the rolls.

We will be selling our famous Bacon Rolls at the Autumn Gala, see you there?

..... and of course our special guest!

Thank you to Alan Bines, Peter Cox and Robin White for the photographs.