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Stogumber Christmas Card 2020


Buy your 2020 Christmas cards at 2019 prices at Stogumber Station until 1 January as we are open again.We are also looking for another recent picture of Stogumber Station in the snow to print for a 2020 Christmas Card. If you have one...

Party 2019

Happy Christmas from the White Horse Inn


Happy Christmas from all the volunteers at Stogumber Station seen here enjoying their Christmas dinner at the White Horse Inn in Stogumber, the one volunteer missing is behind the camera,  Robin White. Here Stationmaster Bob Preston...


Woodland behind the station


 West Someset Railway PLC have made this announcement.With the aid of funding from Stogumber Station, the West Somerset Railway has announced the purchase of a strip of historic woodland flanking the rear of the tea garden at Stogumber...

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Short back and sides?


Here is Steve Lewis' video of the work.[embed][/embed]Many thanks to Phil, Nigel, Jean, Tom, Ian, Shirl and Station Master Bob for removing all the brambles and weeds...

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Christmas Cards on sale and online


 These cards are only on sale at this station and you can purchase them at the offer price :10 cards with envelopes for £10 with postage and packing included.Please send a cheque payable to 'Friends of Stogumber Station' with your...