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9 July 1856

A meeting at the Egremont Hotel in Williton to discuss the construction of a railway from the West Somerset iron-fields to the Bristol and Exeter Railway.

17 August 1857

An Act of Parliament required the building of this railway by the West Somerset Railway Company and an initial £120,000 was raised.

31 March 1862

Stogumber Station was opened on the WSR line with trains running from Taunton to Watchet and operated by the Bristol and Exeter Railway. The line was broad gauge.

16 July 1874

This line was extended to Minehead.

c 1882

The line was changed to standard gauge.

c 1900

The platform at Stogumber is extended.

c 1921

The WSR is absorbed by the GWR.

6 April 1926

The signal box at Stogumber was closed.

c 1933

The platform at Stogumber was extended again.

c 1935 to c 1939

A holiday Camp Coach was sited at Stogumber and again between 1952 and 1964.

c 1948

The line became part of the Western Region of British Railways.

17 August 1963

The goods facilities were withdrawn and the goods shed demolished soon afterwards.

4 January 1971

The station with the line was closed.

May 1971

The WSR Company was formed to run a heritage railway.

c 1973

Somerset County Council bought the line and leased it back to the WSR Company.

28 March 1976

Trains ran from Minehead to Blue Anchor and to Williton on 28 August 1976.

7 May 1978

The station was opened again and WSR trains were running from Minehead to Stogumber.
The Station Master was Harry Horn.

9 June 1979

WSR line extended to Bishop’s Lydeard.