Gala at Stogumber

The Autumn Gala is on from Thursday 27 September to Sunday 30 September.

At Stogumber we will have

  • bacon rolls
  • pasties and sausage rolls
  • home-made cakes
  • all the other usual refreshments
  • model railway where all the trains stop at Stogumber
  • renovated benches
  • clean cattle dock


Last of the Summer Wine Cream Teas …..

we will serve Cream Teas for the last time this year until stocks run out.


Forties weekend – pictures

Here are some of the highlights.


Churchill and Monty were there ……

an elegant couple ….

and a 1938 Standard Flying 9 ….

a singer …..

that man again ….

a jeep arrives …

to see if the gun has arrived …. sadly no.

Forties Weekend

Forties Weekend

Saturday 15 September and Sunday 16 September.

  • At Stogumber our volunteers will be dressed for the occasion,
  • The Land Girls will be here for the entire weekend,
  • There will be an anti-aircraft gun on the cattle dock ……. just for your protection.
  • Refreshments available as usual.

For more details click here.

Remember ….. 27 – 30 September is the Autumn Gala more details click here.



Late Summer Weekend at Stogumber

Late Summer Weekend

Saturday 1 September and Sunday 2 September.

Is there a better way to spend the late summer weekend than at Stogumber Station? For details click here.

…. and enjoy a cream tea ….

Remember ….. 27 – 30 September is the Autumn Gala more details click here.

Alan Bines

(Alan is second from the left in this delightful photograph)

We are collecting donations in memory of our past station master, Alan Bines. If you would like to make a donation please send a cheque made out to Friends of Stogumber Station to FOSS Treasurer, 5 Archers Grove, Stogumber, Taunton TA4 3AJ


Please make a note in your diaries, Friday 28 September 3 pm in the waiting room at Stogumber Station.


I, Colin White, Acting Chairman of FOSS, hereby give notice of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Stogumber Station

Please note that only current membership card holders will be allowed to attend.

To be held at

The Waiting Room, Stogumber Station

Friday 28th September at 15:00

Within the constitution of FOSS and the minutes of the Annual meeting the following Agenda items will be dealt with:

  1. Welcome from the Acting Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the 2017 AGM
  4. Vote to accept minutes
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Station Master’s Report
  8. Membership Secretary’s Report.
  9. Life Membership & 2019 Membership fees
  10. FOSS members Open Floor Time (limited to 5 minutes per request) for initial discussions to take place, (topics for discussion to be forwarded to the A/Chairman ahead of the meeting please)
  11. Election of New Chairman
  12. Any Other Business
  13. Closing Remarks
  14. Meeting Close (approx.17:00)


Copies of the minutes of the 2017 AGM and the 2017 Accounts will be available for inspection at the meeting. If you have an email address then please send it to me.                                                                   


FORM OF PROXY AND ATTENDANCE SLIP                            

Please return to Mr C White, Acting Chairman of FOSS, 5 Archers Grove, Stogumber TA4 3AJ

or email to

I, _____________________ _______________________  shall/shall not be attending the 2018 AGM.

As I am not attending I nominate ___________________________ (insert name) as my proxy to attend the meeting and vote on my behalf.

or I wish the Acting Chairman of FoSS to hold my proxy and vote as he sees fit.

(Please delete and complete as appropriate)

Cattle dock – further update

Thanks to Robin White for these photographs, here is the cattle dock as you have probably never seen it. Thank also to the working party of Bob, Peter, Robin, Russell, Tom and Colin.

… no vegetation ….

… much of the brick floor is still there  ….

… passing goods train and skip visible ….

… edging exposed ….

… part of a wall exposed ….

Scrumptious summer treats at Stogumber

We have new items on our menu and fresh ideas this summer.

  • Cream Teas : Our scones are now baked by a member of our team and they come with lots of delicious jam and Cornish cream.
  • Cheesy Scones which are served with Chili jam and butter.
  • Home-made cakes which are excellent value at £1.50 for a generous slice.
  • We buy our beef pasties from a local bakery and they are delicious.
  • Currently we are selling Pork and Cyder pasties to see if they are popular. Why not try one?

Despite the dry weather we still have a very colourful and peaceful garden.



The WSRA have awarded us the money to have our two benches covered in upholstery like the one shown in the photograph.

Cattle dock clearance

Picture above : Early morning working party at Stogumber cattle dock on Saturday 30 June watch ‘Ravingham Hall’ go by.

Picture below is a ‘Before’ the working party started and the two concrete posts, which can be seen either side of the ramp, have now been removed.

Picture below is an ‘After’ the working party event when even more progress was made by Sunday 1 July. 

Here is a picture showing Russell and the removal of the final concrete post for which we are running a caption competition!

Here is Robin’s account to whom we are indebted for the pictures and Russell for the equipment.

“The first working party of the project to refurbish Stogumber cattle dock was held over the weekend of 30 June / 1 July.
The work tackled was the clearing of the slope up to the dock and the access to that. This involved digging out some tenacious shrubs; extracting the concrete posts installed to fence off the access ramp when the dock was closed; clearing the vegetation off the slope; regrading it to a proper profile, removing the ‘hump’ where the slope ‘lands’ on the Station yard; and grass seeding the cleaned ramp. We also trimmed the bottom of the newly-installed rail access gates so that they open easily when required.
On this weekend of exceptionally hot weather, work started at 06:00 for two of the team, reinforcements arrived later and work stopped by lunchtime. Obviously there was a certain amount of tea / coffee drinking and train watching involved.
All objectives set for the weekend were achieved, and a well-filled skip now awaits collection. It was particularly satisfying to have the ramp seeded in time for the Sunday afternoon rain.
Some WSR archaeology was revealed. The dock was built around the pre-existing Goods Office, demolished in the years running up to closure. The plinth course of stonework has emerged.
The next working party will be on Saturday and Sunday 21 to 22 July, when it is hoped more normal weather will be experienced and we can keep to the planned 10:00 to 16:00 working hours. The object will be to strip the vegetation off the top surface of the dock ready for similar grassing where the surface is beaten earth, and to allow the refurbishment of the brick area under the original pens to be tackled later. More hands welcome.
There are now rumours of the possibility of a significant military exhibit on the dock during the WSR 40’s weekend in September…
Bob, Colin, Russell and Robin”

The retaining wall can be clearly seen here.