FOSS Membership 2019

It is time to renew your membership and we are all very grateful for your support and donations which have enabled us to keep improving the station. This year WSR will have to spend money on infrastructure so it is unlikey they will be in a position to help us out. In 2018 we spent over £1500  on the cattle dock, mainly removing 10 tons of soil and debris and on purchasing bricks to repair the walls. This year we plan to do much more as well as replace the other two running-in boards. There is still plenty of maintenance to do with fences a priority.

Cattle dock update

Robin White provides evidence that further work has taken place to restore the cattle dock, here the first step has been cast.

GWR Large Prairie No. 4110

A number of footplate and shed staff are trying to protect this engine for use by WSR. It is for sale at a price (inc. tax) of £120 000. The FOSS committee at Stogumber Station would like to help but we are unable, under our constitution, to do anything.  We do however recommend that our members do what they can, details are available here.

Winter Services


All the volunteers here at Stogumber wish our members and supporters a very Happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous New Year.


Stogumber Station will be open as usual from 27 December 2018 to 1 January 2019 inclusive, when we will have a warm fire and festive fare to welcome you. Join us for a hot drink with mince pies and shortbread.Details can be found on the WSR website.  Winter festival details here.


The WSR board have announced that the WSR will then close down from 2 January 2019 until 1 April to enable maintenance work to take place. Full details can be found on here.

Autumn Gala

The wonderful weather brought the crowds out at Stogumber as we had more people visiting the station than in previous years.

Thanks to Bob Woodland for his photo.

During the gala FOSS held its AGM which was well attended. Terry Shipton is now the Chairman, Bob Preston remains as Station Master and Projects Manager, Jean Tucker is Membership Secretary, Colin White is Treasurer and Peter Cox is Historian. The food is managed by Gil Cox and Jenny Preston and it is great to see Maggie Bines back working as a volunteer. The minutes are shown below.

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Stogumber Station (FOSS)

Held at Stogumber Station, 28th September 2018.


Colin White, Acting Chairman and Treasurer Fred Yarwood
Peter Cox William Oldnall
Bob Preston, Station Master and Station

                      Projects Officer

Jenny Preston, Retail Officer

Gil Cox, Catering Officer

Jean Tucker, Membership Secretary

Roger Blackburn

Nigel Mott

Terry Shipton

Val Shipton

Ruth Winson

Stefan Mlynek Maggie Bines
Diane Mlynek  
Phil Hall  
Janet Hall  
01 Introduction by the Acting Chairman

Colin welcomed everyone and explained that although he was acting Chairman, he would not be standing for election and we would elect a new Chairman later in the meeting and that he would chair the meeting for its duration.

02 Apologies
Received from: Paul Conibeare, Ron Duffield, Rita Warren, Melanie Bennett, Alison White, Jean Hilton.


Minutes of the 2017 AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM had been circulated and were approved.

05 Acting Chairman’s report

Colin praised the efforts and contribution made by the former chairman and joint station master, Alan Bines, who sadly passed away during the summer. He stated that the number of volunteers is down this year which is a concern to the committee. He has also been concerned with the lack of communication from WSR, in particular the increase in the number of trains not stopping at Stogumber. For the future we have a vision of a restored cattle dock now becoming a reality and a repaired lineside hut. We intend to continue to show the model of the station with changing rolling stock.

06 Treasurer’s Report

Colin stated that 2017 had been a good year with the station spending £4442 on equipment and yet posting a profit of £2028. We have been able to reclaim £70 of tax paid in 2016. The income from sales in 2017 was £11 377 which was £900 up on 2016. The indications are that sales will increase in 2018 by a similar amount. Colin praised the efforts of the catering staff and particularly Gil Cox, Maggie Bines and Jenny Preston.

07 Station Master’s Report

Bob gave his assessment of the work that has been done and is planned to be done in the future,

·         he praised the work done by his predecessor, Alan Bines,

·         he thanked Maggie for continuing to support the station,

·         we do have a new volunteer this year but there is a need for more,

·         the Forties weekend was good fun and the number visiting the station was higher than expected,

·         in 2017 to the present time we have replaced heaters in the station, improved the workshop lighting, added workshop extraction, bought a COSHH cabinet, bought two upright freezers, painted the waiting room floor, paid for a cabinet to be made for the model, bought and renovated six GWR chairs, sealed the floor to the booking office, renovated two benches (paid by WSRA), painted the platform edge, paid for RAMS to erect gates and fencing as part of the cattle dock renovation which also increases the parking spaces, replace the corporation lamppost with a GWR replica and a lantern to the booking office, put an external bell to the booking office, excavate the cattle dock ramp, obtained an old bicycle as period furniture and bought a grass mower and strimmer,

·         the work to do  includes painting and renovation of external benches and lampstandard, replacing the cattle dock steps, renovation of the car park running-in board, revise the drawings for the cattle dock restoration, replacement of the platform running-in boards, replacement of the wicket fence around the former vegetable garden and the painting of the external surface of the waiting room paid by the WSR plc,

·         we also plan to have some running of the model railway, repair the wall and pens of the cattle dock, clear the vegetable garden, complete the rails and buffer stop outside the cattle dock, have the drive resurfaced, clear the bank to the rear of the garden,

·         it is planned to have public access to the cattle dock in 2021.


08 Membership Secretary’s  Report

Jean reported that the number of members has remained roughly the same and she confirmed that there would be a statement about data protection with the renewal letters next year. Jean hopes to have a newsletter sent to members to inform them with news about the station.

09 Chairman, life memberships and 2019 membership fees

Terry Shipton, a life member of FOSS, was proposed and seconded, as the new chairman. The vote was unanimous in favour of making Terry the new chairman. Membership fees will remain at £7 for an individual member and £10 for a family. This was agreed unanimously.

10 FOSS members open floor

There were no items raised.

11 Any other business

There was no other business.

12 Closing remarks

Colin closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending. Meeting closed 16 08.




Gala at Stogumber

The Autumn Gala is on from Thursday 27 September to Sunday 30 September.

At Stogumber we will have

  • bacon rolls
  • pasties and sausage rolls
  • home-made cakes
  • all the other usual refreshments
  • model railway where all the trains stop at Stogumber
  • renovated benches
  • clean cattle dock


Last of the Summer Wine Cream Teas …..

we will serve Cream Teas for the last time this year until stocks run out.


Forties weekend – pictures

Here are some of the highlights.


Churchill and Monty were there ……

an elegant couple ….

and a 1938 Standard Flying 9 ….

a singer …..

that man again ….

a jeep arrives …

to see if the gun has arrived …. sadly no.

Forties Weekend

Forties Weekend

Saturday 15 September and Sunday 16 September.

  • At Stogumber our volunteers will be dressed for the occasion,
  • The Land Girls will be here for the entire weekend,
  • There will be an anti-aircraft gun on the cattle dock ……. just for your protection.
  • Refreshments available as usual.

For more details click here.

Remember ….. 27 – 30 September is the Autumn Gala more details click here.



Late Summer Weekend at Stogumber

Late Summer Weekend

Saturday 1 September and Sunday 2 September.

Is there a better way to spend the late summer weekend than at Stogumber Station? For details click here.

…. and enjoy a cream tea ….

Remember ….. 27 – 30 September is the Autumn Gala more details click here.