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Appeal for funds

The West Somerset Railway and the West Somerset Railway Association are appealing for funds to assist the railway through this difficult period and to pay for further infrastructure projects;

if you are able to help the WSRA with further projects please click here


if you would like to support the WSR with care and maintenance please click here.

Stogumber Station will be unmanned while the railway is not operating. If you decide to visit us please be aware that there will be work taking place so keep away from any works at the station and ALWAYS TREAT THE RAILWAY AS LIVE. There are trains running, mainly to do with the works taking place.

The station has received two generous donations which will allow us to complete work on the cattle dock but the station driveway is a victim of the close down and will not be resurfaced this year as originally planned.

As work is completed we will show you pictures on this site.

Friends of Stogumber Station (FOSS) subscriptions 2020

Thank you to all those who have renewed their subscriptions and the many who have included a donation. We have no income from the railway until 21 March 2020 but the invoices still arrive so your money is invaluable to us. We have repaired and painted the waiting room over the winter, cut back the woodland bank and the area around the lineside hut and continued to complete the cattle dock.

We hope you will visit us this year and the link below shows you when the railway will be open in 2020.

We have agreed with WSR plc that we will take responsibility for the repair of the driveway to enable them to divert the money, which they had assigned for that purpose, to the Rail Renewal Programme. Therefore we will have to try to make a sufficient profit this year to enable this to happen. We will not do this by raising prices but by asking our supporters to visit us this year and spend more than just one penny!

New siding at Stogumber

The new siding is complete with buffer stop at Stogumber Station. Thanks to WSR, the crew who did the job and Robin White for the photographs.

The scene from the other direction with the crew still there.

… and how it looked in the 1950s ……

… of course the large shed has been replaced with the garden and the camping coach and signal have gone as well. Thanks to Robin for the photographs.


Stogumber Christmas Card 2020

Buy your 2020 Christmas cards at 2019 prices at Stogumber Station until 1 January as we are open again.

We are also looking for another recent picture of Stogumber Station in the snow to print for a 2020 Christmas Card. If you have one please contact our Treasurer, Colin White at the station.


Happy Christmas from the White Horse Inn

Happy Christmas from all the volunteers at Stogumber Station seen here enjoying their Christmas dinner at the White Horse Inn in Stogumber, the one volunteer missing is behind the camera,  Robin White. Here Stationmaster Bob Preston thanks the volunteers for a tremendous effort this year.


Woodland behind the station


West Someset Railway PLC have made this announcement.

With the aid of funding from Stogumber Station, the West Somerset Railway has announced the purchase of a strip of historic woodland flanking the rear of the tea garden at Stogumber Station.

As well as being a natural haven for wildlife, the land contains many mature oak trees thought to date back to 1862 when Stogumber Station first opened to passenger traffic, and forms a very important backdrop to the picturesque Station garden

The purchase – only made possible by fund raising activities at the Station – safeguards the unique character of this popular country station for the enjoyment of its many visitors and for future generations to come.

Short back and sides?

Here is Steve Lewis’ video of the work.

Many thanks to Phil, Nigel, Jean, Tom, Ian, Shirl and Station Master Bob for removing all the brambles and weeds from the station embankment.

Christmas Cards on sale and online


These cards are only on sale at this station and you can purchase them at the offer price :

10 cards with envelopes for £10 with postage and packing included.

Please send a cheque payable to ‘Friends of Stogumber Station’ with your details to Colin White, Treasurer, Stogumber Station, Stogumber, TA4 3TR.

WSRA supports Stogumber Station Cattle Dock

The WSRA is pleased to be supporting the restoration of the only remaining cattle dock on the West Somerset Railway. On Friday 4th October, Trustee Robin White handed over a cheque for £1150 to station master Bob Preston towards the cost of phase II of the restoration at Stogumber Station. The WSRA also contributed to the first phase of the restoration to reinstate the steps to the cattle dock.

The WSRA invites bids for funding for heritage projects from all stations and other special interest groups on the West Somerset Railway.

Photo shows WSRA Trustee Robin White handing over the cheque to Stogumber Station Master Bob Preston.