Month: May 2020

Videos on Youtube

There a lot of videos on West Somerset Railway TV including one by me on Stogumber Station!

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The Chairman of the WSR Plc has given a Vlog also.

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Breaking News — Attempted break-in at Stogumber Station

Sadly I must report that this afternoon that there has been an attempted burglary at Stogumber Station. There is no cash on the premises and no food so there is nothing to steal however this does not prevent some people. There is damage to the door and threshold which the Friends of Stogumber Station will have to repair. Fortunately we have a witness to the attempt and it was discovered by one of our security guards. The police have been informed. The picture below shows some of the damage.


More pictures of the station

Thank you to Steve Lewis for this picture.

We have circulated a newsletter to our supporters. Please remember that we are still selling books, Christmas cards and post cards, use the email to contact us.

More pictures, this one from Steve

the unfinished drainage trench from me

and the Medlar tree in bloom.