Month: April 2020

More Spring Pictures 2

Here are more spring scenes from Robin’s camera and a short message from the Treasurer.

We are very grateful to our FoSS members who have renewed their subscriptions with a donation because this has been our only income this year. We are also grateful to the three people who have recently sent us a large donation and that money will be spent on work at the station. At the moment there has been no work at the station for a month so there is nothing to tell you except that nature has awoken at Stogumber! I need to emphasise that only Robin is allowed access to the station for security checks and, in her absence, Colin White. I also need to tell you that WSR plc is in need of assistance and encourage you to get the latest news from their website WSR click here.

Please remember to STAY AT HOME and KEEP SAFE.



More Spring pictures

Here are three more pictures from Robin and the third one is a new view not seen for a long time!

The Booking Office ……

the garden …

the new view …

Please keep safe, stay at home and we hope you will be able to visit us soon.

Stogumber Station is closed.

Stogumber Station is closed until the WSR opens once the national restrictions have been lifted. People have been seen walking around the station and this message is for them and you, please stay at home and avoid unnecessary journeys. There will be opportunities to visit us later this year. The station is checked daily by our warden, Robin White. So for all our supporters, here are a few photographs of spring in Stogumber from Robin White. We hope to welcome you back soon.