Month: February 2019

What’s new at Stogumber Station?

Here we can reveal that the steps to the cattle dock have been completed.

It can be clearly seen that the five surviving original steps have been laid and the sixth one had to be cast. The task now is to age the new step. Congratulations to Bob Preston and his team. Bob and Ian are clearing the top surface for the railing supports and Vic and Steve have removed the broken fence to the old vegetable plot and the new fence will be installed soon. Bob is also re-pointing the brickwork facing the station. There will be a lot to see when the railway starts operation again on 30 March.


Cattle Dock further update

Thanks to Steve Lewis we have evidence of further work on the cattle dock.

Here you can see the scaffolding to protect the workers, Bob and Ian, to whom we are indebted for their hard work as they work on the steps and the top surface.

When asked about the progress of work, Station Master Bob Preston was reported to say ” One step at a time…!”.

and now (15/02) 4 steps …

Our treasurer says “This work is only made possible by the generous donations from our Friends.”

So why not come and visit us, we are open most days starting 30 March.

Look at the WSR website for details.

Stogumber in the snow

Many thanks to Robin White for these photographs of views that we so rarely see.

..a view towards Station House


.. the path                                  

.. the station building

..the platform

..further up the platform

.. the station entrance

.. the view towards Crowcombe Heathfield

Please remember the station is closed until 30 March when the WSR re-opens.