Month: July 2018

Cattle dock – further update

Thanks to Robin White for these photographs, here is the cattle dock as you have probably never seen it. Thank also to the working party of Bob, Peter, Robin, Russell, Tom and Colin.

… no vegetation ….

… much of the brick floor is still there  ….

… passing goods train and skip visible ….

… edging exposed ….

… part of a wall exposed ….

Scrumptious summer treats at Stogumber

We have new items on our menu and fresh ideas this summer.

  • Cream Teas : Our scones are now baked by a member of our team and they come with lots of delicious jam and Cornish cream.
  • Cheesy Scones which are served with Chili jam and butter.
  • Home-made cakes which are excellent value at £1.50 for a generous slice.
  • We buy our beef pasties from a local bakery and they are delicious.
  • Currently we are selling Pork and Cyder pasties to see if they are popular. Why not try one?

Despite the dry weather we still have a very colourful and peaceful garden.