Month: January 2018

Spring opening

We open 10 – 18 February 2018 (except Monday and Friday) and then two weekends in March before the Spring Gala entitled “Great Western Routes and Branches” from Thursday 22 March to Sunday 25 March, full details are on the WSR website Spring Gala

We look forward to seeing you and we will have the usual fare and extra items on offer for this gala.

Here are the days when the WSR is open in February and March.

as seen on TV ………

Michael Portillo’s programme “Great British Railway Journeys” was broadcast on Thursday but it is still available on iplayer.

Michael described Stogumber Station as ‘picturesque’ and ‘barely to have changed since Sharp’s time (Edwardian period)’.

Here are a few stills from the programme. Michael aboard the train from Bishop’s Lydeard.

arriving at Stogumber

greeting the volunteers

and off to Halsway Manor




Great British Railways Journeys

The programme, which was partly filmed on the WSR, will be shown on Thursday 11 January on BBC2 at 6 30 pm.

The programme is entitled “Taunton to Newton Abbot” and the advertisement states “Michael Portillo is led a merry dance in Stogumber – all in the name of fertility”. A short sequence was filmed at Stogumber Station which we hope is retained in the final version.