Month: November 2017

New lamppost in the ground

Two down!

… and the new replica GWR type post is in.

At least it looks authentic!

It should be fully operational in time for the carol trains. Come and see it at the Winter Steam Festival.

Many thanks go to Robin White and the team of volunteers who braved the chill and did the hard work, and, of course, for the photographs. The removal of the lamppost in the car park has enabled work to commence on the driveway and the cattle dock, which it is hoped, if permission is granted, will start next year.

New light at Stogumber

Here is the new light fitted on the ticket office.

and this is what it looks like switched on.

On Saturday morning the 25 November we will be removing the two lampposts that have been turned off and digging a hole and planting the new lamppost on the opposite side of the barrow crossing. We are looking for volunteers and if you are interested please contact Robin White by e-mail to Thanks again to Robin for the photographs and Bob Hornby , our electrician.



We need help!

We are digging out the two old ‘corporation’ lampposts and replacing one with a new lamppost for which we need a hole dug.

The picture shows the GWR lamppost we obtained from St Ives in Cornwall and we have purchased a replica to go the other side of the barrow crossing.

If you can help, please e-mail Robin White at She will be co-ordinating the working party under Bob Preston’s management. The working party will start at 10am on Saturday 25 November.

Stogumber station —— the winter programme

The station is closed until Wednesday 27 December when we will be open for the winter festival where we promise you a warm welcome.

We have a new GWR lamppost to replace the one near the barrow walk, seen here in the back of a WSRA van.

Many thanks to Robin White for the photographs and for driving the van.

We are also painting the platform edge, upgrading the heating and lighting in the buildings, getting the model railway running for 2018 and starting the cattle dock project.

So see you at the winter festival or see you next year when we will have plenty of changes for you to see.